The situation is well kown: A satellite receiving system (e.g. motorized systems) must be built at a location and a position which guarantees an optimal signal reception. The distance from the antenna to the proper signal processing or receiving unit should be as short as possible with respect to an optimal signal quality.
Until recently, these criteria were rarely compatible with each other and often led to compromises at the expense of the location and signal quality.
The solution to this problem is called "fiber-optics". With our products, up to 16 satellite IF signals will be transfered optically on one fiber (dark fiber) up to 150 kilometers with virtually no loss .Thanks to our own development department and working closely with suppliers and manufacturer, we can provide equipment which meets the highest standards of quality, stability and reliability.

In most cases, the transmission of only SAT-IF signals in a system is insufficient. In many cases, devices or antennas must be remotely controlled and monitored and often, a visual monitoring of the receiving system is needed. One can say that a data link between sites is a condition to the use of modern equipment. As the most universal solution for the transmission of data of any kind, the structure of an Ethernet (TCP / IP) connection has been found. Our products provide an Ethernet connection, built over an optical fiber (dark fiber) up to a distance of 150 kilometers.

Pratice-based Installations upwards of 100km
With one of our running installations, three independent motorized antennas and their about 100km remote signal processing, signal recording and measuring devices will be controlled remotely using our M&C Software GLOBUSS. Also sufficient in this application are two optical fiber each between the sites for the transmission of SAT-IF signals, which control the motorized antenna systems, the transmission of the anemometer data, the transmission of audio / video surveillance, and the remote control of all PC's.

Short Distances
The transmission of control, audio and video signals over short distances may be necessary because, where devices are built spatially separated within a location. Of course also for this application we can supply excellent quality products which guarantee to transmit the signals smoothly and safely.

We are your specialist for all types of signal transmission. For years, our solutions are applied to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Let us know what signals you want to transmit where and we are looking for an affordable and reliable solution.


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