There are situations where one will not replace professional equipment for cost reasons, but adapt them to the current state of the art. In the digital domain, this can be performed for example by a module replacement. In the analogue domain, in many cases this is possible by circuit modifications. Thanks to our versatile measurement equipment and our expertise, modifications of foreign products in the RF, video, LF and control area will be executed competently and quickly.

Example Frequency Extension of Cable TV Components
In the cable television area, we modify CATV amplifier and equalizer for new transmission bandwidths for years. Thereby, not only the RF filters are recalculated and adjusted, each individual signal path is equilibrated and monitored at our measuring station.

Example Frequency Modifications
Because of the extension of transmission bandwidth, also new frequencies are needed for the level regulation of the RF amplifier. As in most cases the modules are built for fix frequencies, this requires a conversion of the RF circuit. GloboTech modifies for years control modules of the brand Phillips / Magnavox.

Example Industrial Steering Equipment
A well-known manufacturer of printing machines let adapt the control components to the current circumstances by GloboTech. This did have required modifications in the power supply and extensions in the controller.

Even with professional equipment, a possible fault has never ruled out entirely. The repair should be done as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Also here, GloboTech is exactly your right partner. Thanks to our versatile measurement equipment and expertise, we are able to repair foreign equipment competently and affordable. Especially in RF, video, LF and control area we commend ourselves for repairs.

Modifications of

Equilibration of

Test Set-Up of an
Industrial Steering


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