Based on the experience with the development of our own products we can offer our customers a wide range from circuit design through prototyping right up to manufacture the components and devices, all from one single source. On circuit design, we specialize in CATV, video, LF and control assemblies.

With our modern PCB Software and the expertise of our engineers, we are able to perform within a very short time a circuit design and build working prototypes.  It does not matter whether the conventional or SMD components shall be designed. Multilayer up to 16 layers are possible.

Special Type
Many customers rely on special solutions, because individual features or unconventional designs are required. This is exactly where our great development experience through our own devices comes to carry. We have a solid database of circuits which can also be adapted to your individual needs.

Usual Project Flow
Once the concept and the range of functions for the device to be built are defined, the circuit design starts. The development will be done in close cooperation with each customer. Thereby also issues such as component procurement or commercial issues are taken into account.

Is the circuit defined, and the possibly design of involved mechanism finished, the PCB layout can be designed. The auto-routing feature in our layout program helps us to design an optimal and more reliable PCB. Then, a prototype or pilot production will be manufactured and tested. GloboTech has no inhouse PCB production.

The production of the PCB is done on the basis of the in our house  generated program data by a tested supplier dependent to the particular design and number of units. For prototypes and small series we carry out the assembly of the finished prints itself. The production of larger series, we outsource to one of our partner companies. This ensures that the quality requirements placed upon us will be complied in any case. If needed, also the purchase of the components will be coordinated by us.

Prototype Production


Serial Production


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